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The Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen (GWDG) and 玩嘉电竞下载注册 offer an open cloud platform for schools in partnership
玩嘉电竞下载注册 GWDG secure cloud for schools

After the first weeks of quarantine, it becomes apparent how difficult it is to maintain school operations in the usual quality. Many teachers resort to insecure file sharing services or send tasks to their students via e-mail attachments. On the other hand, for many students it is difficult to create a concentrated, structured environment that leads to long-term learning success.

To prevent social distancing from the curriculum, students and teachers need secure and easy-to-use software to deliver content, monitor learning progress and secure communication.

The  Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen (GWDG)  and 玩嘉电竞下载注册 offer an open cloud platform in partnership:

With the “Academic Cloud”, the GWDG, on behalf of the State of Lower Saxony, has been providing a free collaboration platform for students and employees of Lower Saxony’s universities for some time now. It integrates the Enterprise Edition of the open source software 玩嘉电竞下载注册 and enables users to store data in their own secure cloud, share it with others and work together.

In view of the corona crisis, the GWDG, in partnership with 玩嘉电竞下载注册, is now offering such a solution to all German schools. This gives them the opportunity to provide safe and efficient digital lessons in times of closed schools. Interested schools and teachers can contact the GWDG directly by e-mail via  .

„We offer powerful IT solutions for science, which can also be used for teaching. In these special times, many schools face the challenge of finding short-term solutions for their own digital teaching. We therefore see it as our responsibility to provide uncomplicated assistance and to make our services available to schools.“ – Prof. Dr. Ramin Yahyapour, GWDG

玩嘉电竞下载注册 is proud to be a reliable and innovative partner of the science and education sector. As the world’s leading open source file sharing solution, we are committed to open, distributed networks and secure infrastructures without risky proprietary software solutions.

“We are very pleased that we can contribute to this with our software. Due to the corona crisis, students and pupils must not be set back in their education and preparations for important exams”, Tobias Gerlinger, CEO at 玩嘉电竞下载注册 in Nuremberg


abril 1, 2020

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