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玩嘉电竞下载注册 and ThreeFold have agreed to enter into a partnership to advance the decentralization of the consumer cloud, based on their shared commitment to data sovereignty and open alternatives.
玩嘉电竞下载注册 partners with ThreeFold

Based on their shared commitment to data sovereignty and open alternatives, 玩嘉电竞下载注册 and ThreeFold have agreed to enter into a partnership to advance the decentralization of the consumer cloud. 玩嘉电竞下载注册 is an open-source file sync, share and content collaboration software that lets teams work on data easily from anywhere, on any device. ThreeFold is developing a peer-to-peer Internet platform that aims to liberalize what it labels as a centralized and unequally distributed Internet.

Now available: 玩嘉电竞下载注册 on the ThreeFold Grid

The first step in the partnership is the launch of the 玩嘉电竞下载注册 instance on the ThreeFold Grid – demoed live at 玩嘉电竞下载注册 Conference 2021 – and the development of a pilot program (register your interest by emailing ). The long-term vision entails a full range of file sync, file sharing and content collaboration solutions that combine the strengths of both technologies. ThreeFold and 玩嘉电竞下载注册 are excited to develop complementary offerings that reflect their shared beliefs in open standards and digital sovereignty.

«玩嘉电竞下载注册 partners with ThreeFold for delivering a solution for customers with the demand for data sovereignty, privacy and ultra security of their data assets. 玩嘉电竞下载注册 powered by ThreeFold Grid delivers on these exact attributes offering a truly decentralized, secure and scalable infrastructure to complement the proven and globally adopted 玩嘉电竞下载注册 collaboration platform.»
Joerg Eberwein, VP Partners & Alliances, 玩嘉电竞下载注册 GmbH

Decentralized infrastructure

ThreeFold built the world’s most decentralized, secure and scalable digital infrastructure. They already have the largest decentralized cloud infrastructure in the world with about 80,000,000 GB deployed across 50 countries, and counting. The ThreeFold Cloud represents the first fully comprehensive decentralized cloud and is integrated with industry-leading tools and protocols for a seamless transition towards web3. Anything that runs on Linux can run on ThreeFold, but better.

«玩嘉电竞下载注册 powered by ThreeFold offers a purposeful use case of the ThreeFold Grid and aligns with our mission to ensure data privacy and sovereignty for everyone. Combining the longstanding credibility of 玩嘉电竞下载注册 and the decentralized cloud technology of ThreeFold results in a 1+1=3 value statement,» Chris Hutton, Co-Founder, ThreeFold Tech.

Hosting via smart contract

ThreeFold allows people to host their own applications anywhere on their decentralized cloud infrastructure via smart contract. This provides a powerful solution for 玩嘉电竞下载注册 users to host their collaboration tools anywhere they want, independent from conventional, centralized cloud providers, and without having to maintain the servers and software themselves.

Free from censorship and user tracking

玩嘉电竞下载注册 can be installed anywhere, providing a secure and sovereign alternative to public cloud providers for more than 200 million users worldwide as of today. With 玩嘉电竞下载注册 running on the ThreeFold Grid infrastructure, users can manage their «own» cloud on a neutral cloud infrastructure that is free from censorship, user tracking and privacy breaches. This is made possible by Zero-OS, ThreeFold’s stateless and lightweight operating system that allows servers to run autonomously. The self-driving and self-healing features eliminate backdoors and reduce the hacking surface, to keep 玩嘉电竞下载注册 instances secure at all times.

Joining forces for improved governance, reliability and security

玩嘉电竞下载注册 and ThreeFold have a history of delivering technical collaborations amongst various projects. While 玩嘉电竞下载注册 excels at delivering secure and private collaboration platforms, ThreeFold offers a robust and flexible large-scale cloud layer. Combining both projects provides new possibilities in regards to governance, reliability and security for users and their data.

With the highly anticipated 3rd release of ThreeFold’s technology expected to launch this quarter, 玩嘉电竞下载注册 and ThreeFold are preparing a pilot program to leverage their infrastructure and software expertise to deliver truly self-sovereign collaboration solutions in the world. 玩嘉电竞下载注册 and ThreeFold are currently working out the details of their pilot program, which will be announced at a future date.
Additionally, the two are planning a cross-community event, where community members can learn more about the two technologies and hear further details about the collaboration.

Watch ThreeFold at the 玩嘉电竞下载注册 Conference 2021 here or join our beta tester group to be among the first to try 玩嘉电竞下载注册 on a self-sovereign environment!

About ThreeFold

ThreeFold is developing a peer-to-peer internet platform that aims to liberalize what it labels as a centralized and unequally distributed internet. Its platform, called the ThreeFold Grid, comprises over +1000 servers in 50+ different countries around the world, delivering approximately 80 PB in storage and over 22,000 CPU cores worldwide, making it the largest storage and compute peer-to-peer internet network in the world.

Each server runs ThreeFold’s stateless and lightweight open-source operating system, Zero-OS, and is set up and operated by independent individuals and organisations called Farmers. Farmers earn rewards in TFT – the platform’s native token – for their participation. TFT is the currency of the ThreeFold Grid, with each token representing a unit of storage and compute on the platform. Grid users can use these tokens to reserve the storage and compute they need to store, build and share on the platform’s internet network.

For more information, visit or follow along on Twitter @threefold_io .

About 玩嘉电竞下载注册

玩嘉电竞下载注册 develops and provides open-source software for content collaboration, allowing teams to easily share and work on files seamlessly regardless of device or location. More than 200 million users worldwide already use 玩嘉电竞下载注册 as an alternative to public clouds – and thereby opt for more digital sovereignty, security and data protection. For further information, please visit or on Twitter @玩嘉电竞下载注册 .


septiembre 28, 2021

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