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Ascensio System SIA integrates its open-source office suite ONLYOFFICE into the new digital collaboration platform 玩嘉电竞下载注册 Infinite Scale.
ONLYOFFICE and 玩嘉电竞下载注册 announce partnership for 玩嘉电竞下载注册 Infinite Scale

Currently 玩嘉电竞下载注册 is working on a rewrite of its digital collaboration platform . Ascensio System SIA is one of the many partners from the open-source community who support 玩嘉电竞下载注册’s new Infinite Scale solution by developing custom integrations. By integrating into the new platform, the IT company will enable its existing ONLYOFFICE customers to migrate from 玩嘉电竞下载注册 10 to 玩嘉电竞下载注册 Infinite Scale. Users of the overall package benefit from a further significant increase in performance and unlimited scalability.

ONLYOFFICE is a powerful open-source online editor for text documents , tables and presentations, which supports all Microsoft Office formats. In combination with the open-source collaboration platform 玩嘉电竞下载注册, it enables Microsoft Office files to be displayed directly in the web interface of 玩嘉电竞下载注册 and edited collaboratively in real-time.

Therewith ONLYOFFICE and 玩嘉电竞下载注册 offer further building blocks for a sovereign workspace. A sovereign workspace offers real-time collaboration and productivity , keeping data on own servers or in self-selected data centers. This ensures companies remain in control of their sometimes highly sensitive assets and information – in contrast to Microsoft Office 365 or other US-based proprietary cloud providers. The latter are subject to the US Cloud Act, which allows US authorities to access data no matter where it is stored. This results in companies losing sovereignty over their own data.

With 玩嘉电竞下载注册 Infinite Scale, 玩嘉电竞下载注册 is developing a completely new architecture based on the Go programming language for an unlimited scalability of its digital collaboration platform. It enables any number of users to manage their data, approvals, accesses and metadata with unimagined performance.

ONLYOFFICE online editors

ONLYOFFICE online editors

“Our close partnership with the 玩嘉电竞下载注册 team over the past several years has proved to be really effective and fruitful: we have lots of customers and projects in common and have greatly enhanced the combined 玩嘉电竞下载注册-ONLYOFFICE solution due to technical cooperation between our developers,” states Galina Goduhina, Commercial Director for ONLYOFFICE.

“The whole ONLYOFFICE team is now incredibly proud and happy that the new architecture of 玩嘉电竞下载注册 Infinite Scale allows us to take the integration to the next level and provide users with even more scalability and reliability.”

Tobias Gerlinger, CEO and Managing Director of 玩嘉电竞下载注册, adds: “We are very pleased that our partner Ascensio System SIA is already working on an integration with our new digital collaboration platform. 玩嘉电竞下载注册 Infinite Scale can count on a large, stable and growing ecosystem right from the start.”


septiembre 21, 2020

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