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Built on the Open Source LibreOffice Technology core, Collabora Online is a fully-supported, enterprise-ready office document solution that can be integrate into an end-user’s own infrastructure. In addition to a familiar look and feel that includes all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, Collabora Online provides tried and tested collaboration functionality that protects data security, and is ideally suited to the demands of a modern distributed working environment.

Collabora Online is both straightforward and affordable. As such, it can represent the ‘tip of the spear’ for those looking to start or progress a wider migration strategy that enables them to address vendor lock-in, give greater control over data sovereignty as well as to protect data security, within a distributed working environment that looks here to stay.

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Collabora Online Benefits

Collabora Online combines:

  • Seamless and efficient online sharing and collaboration
  • Digital Sovereignty & security
  • Excellent interoperability

Collabora Online delivers:

  • Comprehensive paths for migration and support
  • Cost effective & flexible pricing
  • A wide range of platforms and integrations
  • Excellent support & product relationship with our partners and customers

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