Our Projects

Machac School


Machac is a village with extreme poverty. Although children in this region, and surrounding ones, go to school daily, there is a specific group that is left out because they are not considered “normal” by the others. This group is the children with special needs. There is currently only one school in the region for group of children, but that school too far away for most to attend.

Parents are then left with only two options: take their children to a “normal” school or leave them at home. Most opt for the second option because of the distance and for fear that their children will get made fun of or ridiculed. With that in mind, our first project will be to build a school for children with special needs. A lot of approximately 4.176 acres was donated to Children of Peru with the purpose of building said school. The closest facility to where the new school will be built is 4 hours away, through the Black Corridor Mountains. If they make the trip, they will find themselves learning in precarious conditions since the building itself need many repairs. By establishing this new school, we will be providing a great service to those children of Machac and their families.

Building and business plans were submitted to the local government; they have reviewed and approved them. Upon completion, the government will staff the school while our organization creates programs to ensure attendance and parent involvement. Ground breaking is expected to occur by June 2019 and completed by June 2020.

Future Projects

Right now, we are planning to concentrate on smaller towns with minimal access to education, medicine, and technology. Larger projects will include schools, clinics, libraries, parks, etc. Smaller projects will include classroom initiatives, parent involvement initiatives, etc.